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The highest-quality nutritional blends for food & beverage manufacturers. 

Short Lead Times

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Expert Formulation

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Stop Wasting Resources

Sourcing & Blending
Raw Ingredients is Complex


Raw materials are difficult to source


Procured Ingredients must be tested


Blending requires special equipment


Blends must be audited for accurate doseage


Blends must be sealed and packaged

REPCO makes it easy

The ingredients you need, when you need them.

REPCO blends dry ingredients for nutritional formulas for food and beverage manufacturers.

Lead Times

Short lead times mean you have ingredients when you need them.

Low minimums

Low minimum order quantities mean you get the amount you need.


Customer service reps & nutrition experts answer your call & offer tech support.


Our ISO 17025 lab performs extensive quality testing on every blend.

Focus on your operations

Let us handle your nutritional blends


Talk to us

Set up a time with our team to discuss your needs and goals.



We’ll formulate a solution and send you a sample



Create foods your customers love and never worry about your nutritional blends again.

Welcome to Your Nutrition Lab

Our Commitment to Quality

At REPCO, we’re committed to helping customers formulate nutritional blends that fit their needs. We source the finest ingredients and test every shipment for quality and accuracy as soon as it arrives to our facility and before shipping to our customers.

Our Nutrition Process

Sourcing Raw Ingredients

Every raw ingredient is tested to our quality and food-safety standards when it arrives at our manufacturing facility. We have processes in place to help prevent supply chain disruption, so we can always deliver what our customers need.


Our sales team will perform a discovery call to determine specific criteria like Non-GMO, Clean-label, Kosher/Halal, etc. Our nutrition technician will develop a formula to meet your performance expectations.


Once we have an approved formula, we’ll send you a sample to test in your product, perform an internal anylitcal test, or internal audit based on your requested testing specifications. As soon as a sample is approved and a P.O. received, your blend goes into production.

Produce & Ship

All finished product gets tested for quality and accuracy by our ISO 17025 certified lab before being shipped to your door.

Stop wasting time and resources sourcing and blending ingredients. Get the blend you need, when you need it,
for goodness’ sake™.