Accurate Dosing Every Batch

Feeders & Equipment and Field Service for Grain Milling

Regular Field Tech Visits

Installation and Maintenance

Field support and training

Rugged and Reliable

Feeder Systems

Accurate dosing starts with precision equipment. REPCO® specializes in the design, installation, and service of volumetric and loss-in-weight feeder systems that ensure accurate, consistent ingredient application.

Safe & Efficient

Chlorine Systems

REPCO® specializes in the design, installation, and service of chlorine systems, so your team doesn’t have to worry about the risks of handling chlorine.

Tailored to Fit Your Mill

Design, Engineering, & Fabrication

REPCO® engineering and fabrication experts work to design your chlorine and feeder systems to fit within your Mill. We’ll schedule a visit to review your enrichment setup, and design a system that will fit within your environment. REPCO® delivers and installs feeder and chlorine systems with little disruption or down-time in your operations.

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Rugged and Reliable

Field Service

REPCO® Field Service Technicians visit your mill on a regular basis to perform maintenance on all of our equipment. Our technicians are also available to make a visit when needed and help you troubleshoot issues. Our fab shop has the ability to produce parts needed for all equipment, so you’re never waiting on parts or service to fix any issues that may arise.

Feed the World with us.


Talk to us

Set up a time with our sales team to review your current enrichment setup.


Get a Plan

Collaborate with us to determine enrichment & equipment needs.


Focus on Operations

Focus on operating your mill with a smoother enrichment process and less down time.

Stop worrying about your ingredient blends and focus on your mill,
for goodness’ sake™.