Simple Replacers

Clean-Label replacers for health-minded customers.

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Yeast Raised Products

Single ingredient replacers that retain functionality and replace chemical names on labels while reducing costs.

REPCO® Blend

Off-The-Shelf Blends

= Clean Label

BR 120

A synergistic blend of strengthening enzymes and ascorbic acid that help eliminate the need for ADA. This blend helps oxidize the dough to help with gas retention while baking as well as the stability of the dough and increases loaf volume.

DR 400

A label friendly enzyme blend that helps replace the use of DATEM in yeast raised products. This blend helps increase the water absorption, machinability, oxidize the dough to help with gas retention and increase dough tolerance/over-proofing.

SR 250

A non-GMO enzymes system designed to replace dough strengthening emulsifiers such as SSL and DATEM. This blend helps strengthen the dough during processing while improving the textural shelf-life after baking. SR 250 can be used in breads and yeast raised products as well as in tortillas to help with their pliability.

NF Plus

An enzymatic dough conditioner designed to replace distilled monoglycerides in bread. This blend helps increase volume, creates a softer crumb, and extends the textural shelf-life like DMGs but is label friendly.

High Fiber Conditioner

A dough strengthener that can replace vital wheat gluten in bread and buns, specifically for whole wheat, multi-grain and other breads that have high fiber content.

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