EZ Stretch™

Clean-Label replacer for L-Cysteine

Recommended for

Pizza, Tortillas, Crackers, and cookies.

Get the same machinability & extensibility & speed up fermentation.

REPCO® Blend

Off-The-Shelf Blends

= Clean Label

EZ Stretch 400

A clean label replacement for L-Cysteine. This blend allows bakers to achieve the same machinability and extensibility that L-Cysteine provides but is clean label. EZ Stretch 400 ideal for sheeting lines, pizzas, and tortillas, but can be used in breads to help reduce mix time.

hydroCRISP 200

An enzymatic blend designed to replace L-Cysteine and speed up this fermentation process in crackers and cookies. This helps replace a long sponge process with a shortened straight dough process.

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