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The highest quality nutritional ingredient blends for Commercial Mills.

Rugged, reliable equipment and maintenance

Accurate dosing and quality testing

Exceptional and personal customer service

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Stop Worrying About Your Ingredients

Inconsistent blends and inaccurate dosing can force operations to shut down.

Vitamin and enrichment blends are an important and complex part of your milling operations. Without proper inventory management, your mill can easily run out of product and risk not receiving shipment on time. Feeding and chlorine equipment requires knowledge & a specialized skill set for proper installation and maintenance.

Suppliers are usually slow to respond, and most do not have extensive quality testing in place. All of these circumstances can throw a wrench in your mill’s operations.

Focus On your Operations

Provide the world nutritious food with the highest-quality

REPCO® provides the enrichment & nutritional premixes, feeders, maintenance, and service so Millers can focus on running their mill, instead of worrying about their ingredients, for goodness sake™.

Ready to ship

Your blend is kept in-stock & ready to ship so you never run out.


We provide the design, engineering, installation, & ongoing support for our feeders & equipment.


Our live reps answer the phone, not a recording, and respond to requests asap.


Our lab is ISO 17025 certified for quality testing & accurate dosing. Testing of customer flour samples averages about two weeks!

Feed the World with us.


Talk to us

Set up a time with our sales team to review your current enrichment setup.


Get a Plan

Collaborate with us to determine enrichment & equipment needs.


Focus on Operations

Focus on operating your mill with a smoother enrichment process and less down time.

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Our Commitment to Quality

At REPCO®, we take pride in manufacturing over 80 different types of Enrichment Concentrate premixes, catering to the unique needs of our clients. As a respected global provider of vitamin blends, we supply over half of the vitamin blends used by America’s flour mills and operate in more than 46 countries worldwide. Our commitment to quality ingredients, state-of-the-art equipment, and exceptional customer support sets us apart in the industry

Traceability & Precision

We offer lot tracking capabilities and precision feeding solutions, revolutionizing modern mills with advanced tracking and control systems. This breakthrough technology enhances efficiency and enables precise ingredient addition, eliminating waste and ensuring compliance with FDA regulations.

Comprehensive Quality

Our commitment to quality extends beyond certifications. We implement Statistical Process Controls, maintaining rigorous testing protocols in our ISO 17025 certified lab. We also have an extensive facility security plan in line with the Bio Terrorism Act, ensuring the safety and integrity of our operations.

Industry Expertise
and Experience

With over three decades of experience in dry additive ingredient dispensing systems, we have fine-tuned our processes to accurately and reliably feed a wide range of powders with varying densities and flow characteristics. Our expertise enables us to deliver consistent results at an enormous scale, avoiding overages and unnecessary waste.

Stop worrying about your ingredient blends and focus on your mill,
for goodness’ sake™.